23 March 2006

Pursuit of the Screaming Piha

On a good day, with about three good hours per night to work with after getting home from work, cooking and eating I feel reasonably motivated to do some artwork. There haven't been too many of those this week so far. More often, I get home later, frayed and frazzled from work and don't even feel like cooking. This weekend I hope to get back into the Screaming Piha piece. I did visit the Cornell Museum of vertebrates where I sketched the beak from equivalent angles, although it was a challenge to approximate the upper and lower mandible positions from the closed-beaked round skin. I also photographed wing and tail details that will help immensely with the painting. Here's a view of the specimen, Lipaugis vociferans, collected in Guiana in 1884. Still in very good shape and proving useful 122 years later.

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