28 January 2008

Fuertes original - Auction complete

A final update of the Kingfisher and Grey Heron Fuertes auction on eBay. The final selling price of $6000 surprises me, mostly because of the lack of any provenance information in the auction posting. I imagine the buyer, and competing bidders were aware of some background information about the piece which led them to bid so high with confidence. I will continue to poke around in the Fuertes resources here at Cornell to try and unearth some more details about this, and some of the other paintings of European birds I have seen attributed to Fuertes .


Julie Zickefoose said...

Stumbling upon this a bit late, Ben, but I'll eat that painting if it was done by Louis Fuertes. Nothing about it looks like his work. Your thoughts?

Hope your show went well at the Lab! It was so nice to meet you there.

Anonymous said...

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