16 March 2007

More hybrid warblers

I've completed a flurry of painting along with the with the general squall of activities in my life of late. I am on the road right now in south Florida on the road recording and filming for work at Macaulay Library. We're seeking footage of some of the real specialties of Florida like Limpkin, White-crowned Pigeon and later on in the spring Gray Kingbird. Right now I am contentedly working on filming the abundant exotics around lovely sprawling Miami. This morning we worked on Common Myna, Muscovy Duck and some fabulous Monk Parakeets.
My posts will be even more sporadic than normal in the next few weeks, but I will be sketching, so hopefully upon my return in mid April, I'll have new work to share.
Here is my most recent piece, a plate of Lawrence's, Sutton's and Brewster's Warblers. This piece will acompany the Junkin's Warbler painting in Living Bird Magazine. Later I'll work on a post about the process of painting these birds.


Smitty said...

Yo dude! Just found your page! This is really cool; lots of gorgeous examples. Get in touch when you're back in town.


José Merízio Jr said...

Hi BM,

This is a wonderfull work. Congratulations.
My name is José Merízio Jr., I am Bird Painter at free times. I discovered this blog yesterday...I found it very interesting to learn more about the bird art...By the way, how can I send a sample of my artwork to you?
Many Thanks and sorry about my english...I`m not so good in your language..hehe