02 June 2006

Fuertes-Canvasbacks Oil Painting up for auction

I spotted a new Fuertes original painting on eBay recently. All of the Fuertes originals I have spotted lately are posted to eBay through an auction house that is now able to take live bidding through eBay Live Auctions. Usually it is as simple as registering for the auction via the eBay link and then watching the auction progress live on the web. The auctions I have seen so far in this fashion have been very exciting to witness. Lots stream by and bidding is relayed to the viewers in real time (although I know from my telephone bidding experience last year that there is a short lag from the auction block-to the web-to the viewer). Bids can be entered in advance of course, or on the fly as you watch the auction. Here is the Fuertes oil painting up for aucion, although this low resolution photo is unfortunately the only one provided.
Take a look at The Auction on eBay.
The opening bid of $2500 and projected sale price of $5-7K is way out of my realm, especially when you consider that most Fuertes auctions in the recent past have sold for 30-50% higher than the projections, plus the buyers premium. This painting could very well cost the lucky winner $15,000 in the end, (and it looks like it could use a professional cleaning as well). Good luck to all who may be lucky enough to contemplate investing in this beautiful mantlepiece. The Auction is on 7 June 2006 at 1pm.
Update: I just spotted the final auction price for this piece. More than I had estimated even! Final sale price at auction $20,000, plus buyer's premium, (usu 25%).

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